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Sharknado Pokemon card

Nintendo, the company that produced such hits as the Luigi's Mansion video game and the WiiU, has cashed in on the popularity of the TV movie Sharknado, which premiered on the Syfy network last night, by coming out with a new Sharknado Pokemon card.

"I believe that this new card will boost popularity of our new booster pack," said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, early this morning.  "The movie is very popular, and frankly, with the Xbox One coming out, Nintendo needs all the money it can get."

No word has been announced as to wheter Nintendo plans to also include a card based on upcoming Syfy movie Cougarricane.
Satoru Iwata - Game Developers Conference 2011 - Day 2 (1)

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata


Sharknado's movie poster

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